Diamond Automatic Orchid Watering System

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Automatic orchid watering system providing optimal orchid care, lasting for over 2 years on a single, easily replaceable battery (included).

• Fits orchid pots of up to 15cm in diameter.
• Comes with an adapter for a 12cm pot.
• Supports up to 3 litres of water.
• 3D printed from PET, a recyclable plastic
• Diamond-like bevelled edges providing beautiful reflections.
• Comes in a variety of colours.
• Easy to set up and supports a large volume of water.
• Best for any orchid pot size. Giving the orchids a beautiful broad look. Guarantees proper water supply for longer.
• Our recommended system.

Watering cycles by default happen once every 7 days, but can be adjusted to happen between 1 to 14 days. Click HERE for more information.

*Recommended to add water every 3 months, and replace 5-7 months. But is fine to keep it for longer, as long as the battery is live.
*Orchid NOT included

Automatic orchid watering systems are hand made and 3D printed in the UK. The design is propriatery, with a custom electronic system placed in a box at the back of the orchid system. The code is written in-house and makes the watering cycles highly customisable. Get in touch for custom requests.

Shipping and Delivery:
Every automatic orchid watering system is hand made to order. So expect the systems to ship within the first week after placing the order.
Shipping is FREE and takes 2-4 days.
100% recycled and recyclable packaging is used to help protect the environment and decrease the carbon footprint.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 18.5 × 18.5 × 29.3 cm

Natural Translucent (Recommended), Baby Green, Crimson Red, Ocean Blue, Canary Yellow


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